Breena Nuñez

Breena Nuñez


Digital print

13x13 inches


“I already paid and served time for my wrong doings. Now I’m sitting at an ICE detention center for the past five months trying to fight my case and fight for my freedom to stay here in the U.S. with my son and my family.” -Excerpt from Ms. Rodriguez’ letter

Artist statement: “This year I am deeply inspired by other POC comic book artists/illustrators to use comics as a way to create authentic stories that are highly political and personal. The black and white comic is a short series of panels that illustrate a migrant woman painting the U.S. flag while she shares an inner monologue; which comes directly from Rodriguez who is currently detained at Hudson County Correctional County in New Jersey. Then a hand with a cuff that reads as “ICE” stretches to grab the woman’s face to represent the anti-migrant sentiments and policies that remove a person’s sense of belonging to the U.S.” -Breena Nuñez

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