Gabrielle Tesfaye

Gabrielle Tesfaye


Digital print

13x19 inches


“I hope that you get out of there soon, don’t worry and don’t lose faith that God will make it up to you, always pray to Him that He give you strength to continue moving forward.” -Excerpt from letter

Artist statement: “In the letter, the girl wrote a lot about a higher force, about God, telling her to pray, to maintain strength, and telling her that “God will make it up to you”. I found that really powerful and, unknowing of what their specific religious views are, I found it important to include something in the sketch representative of faith, hope, beauty, strength and a higher divine purpose throughout the ordeals of the struggles of life. The girls tears lead into a flower, and from the petals of the flower there are words from the letter, reaching into the direction of the girls hair, to a hand behind bars.”

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